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To build an economically sound, flourishing business environment for both new and established businesses. Strengthening our community by providing a valued business association that is beneficial for all.


Upcoming Events

  • 8 AM Tuesday April 10, 2018 All members are invited to the new office of Joe Van Dyk, Director of Gary Planning at 504 Broadway. Hear about what the future plans are for Miller.
  • 10:30 AM Tuesday April 10, 2018 See a digital sign demonstration at the MBA sign at the corner of Grand BLVD & Miller Ave.
  • 7 AM to 11 Am Saturday May 5, 2018 MBA, MCC and Miller Garden Club Clean up. Grand Blvd & Miller Ave. is headquarters.
  • 5:30 PM Tuesday May 15, 2018 All members are invited to tour Kidstuff Playsystems Manufacturer at 5400 Miller Ave. followed by MBA board meeting at 6:30 PM at California Crab Shack 444 S. Lake St.

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